STAIR Narrative Therapy
Accounts of Trauma Recovery

Trauma RecoveryThe Yellow Birds, by Kevin Powers. (2012, Little Brown and Company.) Fiction.
An OIF Veteran tells of his time at war, his friendship with a soldier and his return home.

The Grief of Others, by Leah Hager Cohen (2011, Penguin Group). Fiction.
A drama about the complex bonds of a family and how each member experiences their grief following the death of the baby in the family.

Blue Nights, by Joan Didion. (2011, Alfred A Knopf). Memoir. 

Of the life and death of her daughter and review and doubts about the nature of her parenting ability.

The Long Goodbye, by Meghan O’Rourke (2011, Penguin Group). Memoir.
A daughter describes her grief and provides a loving tribute to her mother following her unexpected illness and early death from breast cancer. A meditation on mourning.

The Taste of Salt, by Martha Southgate (2011, Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill.) Fiction. 

When her brother arrives on her doorstep fresh from rehab, an accomplished black female scientist reviews the pains of her childhood, and the patterns of addiction in her family, including her own.

Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand. (2010, Random House). Biography.
A World War II story of survival, resilience and redemption.

Denial, by Jessica Stern (2010, Harper Collins). Memoir. 

The author reviews the consequences of decades of silence following an in-home invasion and assault upon her and her sister as young girls.