STAIR Narrative Therapy
Theory behind STAIR Narrative Therapy


STAIR Narrative Therapy philosophy holds that recovery from trauma means not only making sense of what has happened in the past but also building resources to live in the present in a positive and engage way. STAIR Narrative Therapy is a program that recognizes that many traumatic experiences are of a repeated and sustained nature including childhood abuse, domestic violence, and even combat experiences. These types of experiences can lead to the deterioration of personal and social resources that are needed for healthy living (e.g., self-confidence and effective life skills). If trauma occurs for a long period of time, such as is typically the case with childhood abuse or neglect or even during the adulthood (e.g., domestic violence), there is an "interruption" in the individual's personal development, in reaching desired goals or in forming and maintaining relationships in a positive way.

STAIR skill training is intended to increase skills for living while the narrative work allows the individual to overwrite the traumatic experience with a reality based "new story". Combined together STAIR and Narrative Therapy results in a revitalized sense of self, overcomes the interrupted life, and puts traumatized individuals back on track to realize their true potential.