STAIR Narrative Therapy
What is STAIR Narrative Therapy

About STAIR Narrative Therapy


STAIR Narrative Therapy is a treatment that supports recovery from trauma by addressing both the need to make sense of a traumatic past as well as the need to build skills and motivation to live more fully in the present and future.



STAIR Narrative Therapy is a two module, sequential treatment in which:
(1) the first module called "Skills Training in Affective and Interpersonal Regulation" (STAIR),emphasizes present-focused skills training in emotion management and interpersonal difficulties

(2) the second module called "Narrative Therapy", incorporates past-focused work on the processing of traumatic experiences using narrative story telling to make meaning of what has happened. Individuals are asked to organize narratives of their traumatic memories with a beginning, middle and end and to imagine these memories as part of an autobiography. The analogy to the autobiography is used to encourage consideration of the trauma as only some of the many chapters of a life from which some meaning can be made.  The recovering individual is encouraged to think of himself or herself as the authors of their own story, free to imagine future chapters for themselves.